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I am very excited to share this post. My teenaged niece has contributed to a school blog. The topic is sports for girls. I am posting a teaser here with a link to the full piece.

Today’s blog post was written by the web mistress’s 15-year-old niece, who lives on the East Coast and attends a traditional high school; however, she writes about the importance of sports to girls as a means of bolstering self-confidence, making friends and staying fit. Enjoy!

by Harley Ditzler

special contributor to the Home Study blog

Many girls across the world play all kinds of sports whether it is on an all girls team or a coed team. Some risk takers, such as I, play a sport that is usually seen as a “male” sport. Recently, I started a sport that is not usually associated with sports for girls.

Why do girls play sports? Well, we play sports to experience something new and along the way we begin to like it. We also participate in sports to meet new people who can become friends. I play a sport because I enjoy the competition and want to stay in shape.

To read the full post, follow the link to the “Adventures in Home Study” blog…