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Here I present a teaser to a post my 12-year-old nephew has written about his boy scout experience! Enjoy!

Today’s guest post is by the webmistress’s nephew, who is 12 and lives on the East Coast. He was happy to write about his weekend experience in the woods with his boy scout troop.

Wilderness Survival

by Noah Ditzler, special contributor to the Home Study Blog

Noah in his survival camp.

As a member of the Boy Scouts, I must earn merit badges. The wilderness survival merit badge is my favorite. I love wilderness survival; it’s just so fun! On November 2, around 5:30p.m., the adventure began. We were broken up into teams. I showed my team where our site should be. We all agreed we should make one giant tent for all seven of us. We struggled a lot mostly because the plastic tarps each person received were ripping. Also, we started to run out of rope. Three of us were making the fort while the other two were making the fire. Not all seven of us were there the first night; two members of the team were coming on Saturday. We had thrown tarps and string all around the trees and ground. We finished the fort, but it just didn’t seem right. The other two got the fire going after digging a hole.

When it became dark, we went to go get a leader to have our fort and fire approved. Well, we didn’t get it approved right away. They didn’t like the fort because if it were to rain we would all get wet. Good thing though the fire was okay. One of the scouts accidentally ripped one part, and the whole fort collapsed. We were upset but not mad; it was a mistake. We built a tent together that was a basic set-up after we all agreed not to make a huge fort. Another team member made the same kind of tent. One team member, who was on his own, made the best tent out of all of us. The leaders approved. We accomplished the first task and got our first care package.

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