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This past summer I had the chance to interview talented, young actress Lucinda Serrano for Three Horizons Productions. She stars in THP’s upcoming independent short, Out of Focus. THP also has a supernatural thriller film festival on the horizon for early 2013. Enjoy this excerpt!

Interview with Lucinda Serrano – Lead Actress in Out Of Focus

Interview with Lucinda Serrano   Lead Actress in Out Of Focus

Lucinda Serrano was interviewed by Colette Finkbiner, writer/blogger with Three Horizons Productions – Summer of 2012

Recently, as part of our series of interviews with the cast and crew of Three Horizons Productions short film project, Out of Focus, I had a chance to speak with actress Lucinda Serrano, who portrays Aella Perones, the female lead in the movie. Born and raised in Tucson where she worked at Old Tucson Studios and enjoyed Westerns such as Clint Eastwood’s Hang ‘Em High, Ms. Serrano initially took a scientific path in college where she studied biology and anthropology. Soon, however, she started taking theater classes with her friends. She loves scientific exploration but found acting to be a good release. She says about turning to acting, “I was a dancer for a long time before I started acting. I love dance. I love music. But I felt I could only express myself so much with my body. I also wanted to use my voice.”

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