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Today, I have another interview to share. This interview was with actor, Aldred Montoya, who stars in an upcoming independent film short, Out of Focus, by Three Horizons Productions. Enjoy the excerpt!

Interview with Aldred Montoya as Loki in Out Of Focus

Aldred Montoya was interviewed by Colette Finkbiner, writer/blogger with Three Horizons Productions – Summer of 2012

Three Horizons Productions’ upcoming movie, Out of Focus, stars some wonderful and thoughtful talent. The supernatural thriller stars Lucinda Serrano as Aella, a young woman pulled from her workaday existence into a struggle against otherworldly powers, and Aldred Montoya as Loki, a mysterious stranger who may or may not have Aella’s best interest in mind. Having recently interviewed Ms. Serrano, who spoke highly of Mr. Montoya’s work, I was eager to interview Mr. Montoya and learn a little about him and his craft. His intelligence, humor and professionalism shone through the conversation. This gentleman had fascinating insights into acting as a second career, roles for Native Americans, the art of acting and luring the film industry to the American Southwest.

Interview with Aldred Montoya as Loki in Out Of Focus

Aldred Montoya as Loki

I started out by asking Mr. Montoya about wolves and wolf-dogs because I had read an article he did with Native Cinema in which he spoke of his wolf-dogs.

Do you still run the wolf sanctuary?

Not as much. We had to downscale with the economy. So we weren’t able to do as much as we wanted to. Sometimes we would have as many as eleven – usually kept it around four or five. Some were ours. Some were in transit. We would foster them overnight or up to two weeks until they went to wherever they were going for their final home.

How did you get into acting?

Actually, I was laid off from another job in Los Angeles. At the time, I was dating a bartender in Burbank. She said, “Why don’t you become an actor? You’ve got a good look.” I never took it seriously, but I needed to bring in some money. I went to a casting agency and did a couple of background shows. Then I was contacted by The History Channel. This guy asked me if I had ever heard of the show Wild West Tech. I didn’t have money for cable, but I told him, “Yeah! I think I’ve heard of it.” Well, he says, “I’m casting this Native American episode. Can you ride a horse?” I said, “Yeah, since I was a little boy.” Then he said, “I know this sounds stereotypical, but do you know how to shoot a bow and arrow?” I said, “Yeah, no problem.” He said, “Can you shoot a gun?” “Yeah.” So he cast me as Crazy Horse. Since it was a Western-themed show, I worked all of the time. Then, I fell in with some Native guys who formed a small production company called Graywolf Productions. And we went through the first season of Wild West Tech and did the second season. We did a few more for the third season and then the show got cancelled. But that was my start.

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