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OOF Premiere - 02 - Theater Poster - 120812December 8, 2012, Tempe, Arizona – Independent film company Three Horizons Productions (THP) hosted the debut screening of its supernatural thriller short, Out Of Focus. This flagship production came to the screen at the historic Harkins Valley Art Theater. The 1940s-era film house is the oldest operating movie theater in the state and it was a perfect setting for the premiere of Phoenix-based THP’s film, which was 100% shot in Arizona.

OOF Premiere - 01 - Theater Sign - 120812

Premiere attendees comprised of: the THP team, cast and crew, investors, friends and community members, who were greeted with extra footage that focused on the film’s creation, journey and its technical aspects. Among the extras were montages of VFX work for the shapeshifter and “the Dali world” that the main character Aella enters. Composites of the other main “character,” the vintage camera, also were highlighted. Additionally, the audience viewed behind the scenes photos and interviews by the core team, consisting of Remi Vaughn as writer/producer/director, Luis Bohorquez as cinematographer/VFX supervisor, Jim Aiken as art director/photo artist, and Allen Forbes as executive producer.

The introduction was hosted by THP member, Leona Perez, who introduced Remi Vaughn. Elegantly dressed in black and donning a silver scarf, Ms. Vaughn took the stage and explained how Out Of Focus was produced as a short film that works as a calling card for THP. The short highlights the independent film company’s potential for distributors, investors and other production companies. She announced that in 2013, THP is set to host its own supernatural film festival (SF2), as well as begin pre-production for their feature film, The Kiss. With gratitude, Ms. Vaughn acknowledged her very first investor, Ms. Mary Siegrist, along with local business people and homeowners who opened their establishments and residences to THP’s cast and crew.

Writer/Producer/Director, Remi Vaughn

Writer/Producer/Director, Remi Vaughn

Following the much-anticipated viewing of Out Of Focus, Ms. Vaughn once again took to the stage along with Mr. Forbes, Mr. Bohorquez, and Mr. Aiken. Ms. Perez solicited questions from the audience for the filmmakers. Ms. Vaughn said that she looks forward to THP’s next chapter with the film festival and the feature, The Kiss. Mr. Aiken stated that he believes Out Of Focus has caused many people to take THP seriously as an independent film company. Reiterating the premiere’s theme, Mr. Forbes described Out Of Focus as a calling card for THP’s creativity and professionalism – art as a good investment. Mr. Bohorquez expressed the feeling of the entire team best: “To be creative is a privilege.”

THP's core team, left to right: Exec. Producer Allen Forbes, Art Director Jim Aiken, Writer/Producer/Director Remi Vaughn and Cinematographer Luis Bohorquez

THP’s core team, left to right: Exec. Producer Allen Forbes, Art Director Jim Aiken, Writer/Producer/Director Remi Vaughn and Cinematographer Luis Bohorquez with Premiere M.C. Leona Perez.

THP hosted a post-premiere party at Scottsdale’s Martini Ranch. The team and guests finally had a chance to unwind, listen to music, dance and relax. In the spirit of the December holiday season, the party was joined by other club patrons who were dressed as Santas, shepherds, elves and trees as they walked the downtown area and supported local businesses. The spirit was festive and joyful. Many supporting team members had a chance to meet and mingle. Everyone universally agreed that 2013 will be a wonderful and busy year for Three Horizons Productions. Happy New Year!

"Out of Focus" premiere team members.

“Out of Focus” premiere team members.


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