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News from the independent film company for which I am blogging. We are seeking short film submissions for our upcoming Supernatural Film Fest (SF2). Are you a filmmaker or a film student? Do you know a filmmaker or film student? Pass along the info that can be found at http://www.supernaturalfilmfest.org!


Phoenix, Arizona, January 14, 2013—A little over a month has passed since Three Horizons Productions (THP) premiered its flagship short film, Out of Focus. The creative vision of writer/director/producer Remi Vaughn and the high standard of production for this supernatural thriller short, serve as calling cards and testaments to the dedication and quality of THP’s core team. The new year will prove that THP is a dynamic film company with exciting plans on the horizon.

Primary among THP’s projects is the launch of SF2: Supernatural Film Fest. This film festival will occur during the first half of 2013. Currently, THP is working with sponsors, identifying films that match the supernatural thriller genre, making connections with other filmmakers and obtaining and securing a location for the festival.

THP also seeks to broaden its web presence as well as its social media impact. Even in this world of instant information, “word-of-mouth” remains the most effective way of reaching an audience. Look out for trailers, articles and new content across THP’s Internet platforms.