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SCANNING THE MISSING ELEMENT! from Remi Vaughn on Vimeo.

We are cushioned by the mundane events of daily life: errands, a visit with friends or a walk down the street. We rarely think about the elemental mysteries of what lies just beyond our understanding. Our skeptical senses tell us one thing, but our primal fears and curiosity lead us down an unknown road. We find ourselves scanning for the missing element that binds the world of light and shadow. We are like Alice going through the looking glass.

What’s on the horizon? Are you a passive viewer of the opaque recesses of a universe we do not fully understand? Or are you an interactive player in the hunt for answers? Experience the thrill of the supernatural at the Supernatural Thriller Film Festival (SF2) coming to Phoenix in 2013.

This trailer is brought to you by Three Horizons Productions (THP). THP is an independent film company based in Phoenix, Arizona. THP is dedicated to spotlighting and promoting the independent film industry in Arizona. For more about THP, visit the website at www.threehorizonsproductions.com. For more information about SF2, visit the film festival website at www.supernaturalfilmfest.org. To submit your supernatural thriller film, visit the submission form for more information by clicking here.

Executive Producer- Luis Bohorquez
Producer- Ben Chen
Director- Stephanie Hauser
Cinematographer- Inga Mitinyan
Sound Design- Cameron Combe

Key Grip- Moses Navaro
Actress- Ana Maria Manso
pecial Location Thanks- Art Villanueva