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Dear Arizona Legislature,

My name is Remi Vaughn and, with two business associates, I own a film/multi-media production company, right here in Scottsdale, AZ. In writing this open letter, I state freely that I have no affiliation with any lobbyists, financiers, or other influential investors. I write as a resident of Arizona, voter, local business owner, and film/multi-media professional.

In Arizona, local film/multi-media business entrepreneurs and professionals are faced with an uphill battle to draw film productions, commercial shoots, TV show productions, game creations, mobile device content generation, etc. to our state. Instead, the revenues and other financial benefits end up in neighboring states that offer attractive tax credits or incentives for the film/multi-media industry. Local production houses and professionals tend to commute to other states (such as: e.g., New Mexico, Louisiana, California, or Utah) so they can generate revenues for their business and wages for their talented resources – or they simply leave Arizona, a dismal trend led by the students who are graduating from local schools, creating a vacuum in skill sets…http://www.threehorizonsproductions.com/index.php/az-sb-1242-open-letter-to-our-state-legislature-local-businesses-and-schools/