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Little House of Haunts

We started putting all the boxes in the car. Handing one box to my dad I turn to go back to my room to say goodbye to my childhood. My toys all boxed up and put away. I run my hand along the walls, a single tear rolls down my cheek, all the good memories of my childhood are going away.

I go back outside to join my family, my brothers pile into the backseat. I go in the front next to my dad. Mom’s in the hospital, undergoing chemotherapy. She’s been sick for 3 years now.

We pull down the driveway and go the 30 mile drive to Nevada City, California. The new house gives me the creeps. It’s an old Victorian house built in the 1800’s by gold miners in the gold rush. The home is painted all white except for the deep purple shutters and brick chimney…

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