bookRecently, thanks to, I have had a chance to review Jean and Judah Burk’s new guide, High School Prep Genius: An Academic Guide to Excellence, published by Maven of Memory Publishing. (Their previous guide is College Prep Genius: The No Brainer Way to SAT Success.) As the mother of a son, who is going into 10th grade at a home study charter school, I was relieved to find a comprehensive guide to help us navigate his academic life in preparation for post-secondary education.

My first perusal brought delight when I saw that the introduction contains a “College and Career Notebook.” I will be able to keep track of my son’s progress in one place and have it on hand while meeting with school officials or his education specialist. I immediately started filling in information and saw where we have gaps, need improvement or are on track. It will help me synthesize the information as he moves through high school without having to look at multiple papers and documents.

High School Prep Genius goes beyond just record-keeping and academics. It also addresses issues like recognizing depression in teens and preventing bullying. Both topics are of the utmost importance today even among the homeschooled. Additionally, it provides resources on how to help your high schooler stay motivated and create a workable schedule that addresses their needs in addition to the demands of academics.

From goal-setting to SAT preparation, the book outlines and then explains in depth the importance of planning for the future in our changing economic landscape. Our children will need to learn to think and approach their careers outside of the box. Gone are the days in which you landed a secure job and worked at it for forty years with a set retirement timetable. I highly recommend High School Prep Genius. The book is a concise and helpful guide to navigating your child’s academic future. Most importantly, it is accessible not only to children who attend traditional seat-based schools but also to students who are homeschooled or attend alternative educational programs.